Peugeot 205 CTI



Classic Rides Video “Le Car”




 Electric folding soft top

 2 door

Seats 4 comfortably

Climate control? A very good heater and the top folds down…

 Radio and “old school” cassette player


Technical Stuff

Engine: PSA XU9J1 1.9 litre, 4 cylinder, fuel injected petrol, 101 hp (75 kW)

Transmission: Manual 5 speed. Front wheel drive

Brakes: 4 wheel discs, front ventilated

Dimensions: Length – 3.7m   Width –  1.6m   Height – 1.38

Weight: Unladen 935 Kg

Driving “Le Car”

This is a car for someone who likes the driving experience, with a light manual gearshift, direct steering and responsive engine. Note that if you are not familiar with a manual gearbox, this one may not be your best option for a great drive.

No power steering means a bit heavy initially, but once rolling is easy to drive, particularly on a country road. With the road winding off into the distance, there is an incentive to keep driving and not stop – the call of the road trip!

With the roof up it is reasonably quiet and with the typical Peugeot suspension delivering a supple ride soaking up the bumps, you can cover distances in comfort. And when you are ready for some wind in the hair fun and the smells of the countryside, the  top comes down in less than a minute , 


A Bit of History

The 205 CTI is the convertible version of the acclaimed 205 GTI hatchback. Peugeot had the Italian design house Pininfarina do the design work to create the new cabriolet car, and then to assemble the bodies in Italy. Once painted and trimmed. the bodies were returned to Peugeot in France to be fitted with the mechanical and suspension components. The car was launched in France late 1985, and June 1986 in the UK. It met with immediate success, with road testers of the day praising its driving dynamics as almost comparable to the GTI hatchback version. This despite the extra 90 kg of metalwork needed to strengthen the body shell which made it a little less quick and precise. The CTI continued in production until 1994

“Le Car” was sold new in the UK in 1992. It came to New Zealand in 1996 and was in the Christchurch area until 2016, when it moved to Wellington. Classic Rides purchased it in 2018.


What the motoring press said back then:

Motor Sport(1989):  ” The CTi is really very impressive, the superb handling in every way matched by the steering, brakes and chassis response”

Motor (1986): ” … the most stylish of all current cabrios, and whose dynamic ability makes it a viable four seater alternative to a sports car”


And here’s a classic ad from 1990:  French car – Dutch commercial – Kiwi landscape