Daimler XJ40



Classic Rides Video “The Limo”



 Leather and polished walnut interior, with powered front seats and folding picnic tables for rear passengers

 Seats 5, but 4 is best for ultimate luxury

 Automated climate control, and heated front seats

 Cruise control and trip computer

Six speaker audio system 

 Sunroof,  electric windows, infra-red remote central locking

Technical Stuff

Engine: Jaguar AJ6 4.0 litre, 24 valve, 6 cylinder, fuel injected petrol, 235 hp (175 kW)

Transmission: Automatic ZF 4 speed with manual option, rear wheel drive

Braking: Power assisted 4 wheel discs with ABS

Dimensions:  Length – 5m   Width – 1.8m  Height – 1.4m

Weight: Unladen 1825 Kg

Driving “The Limo”

Hire our classic Daimler XJ40 for a true luxury experience, very quiet and smooth even thirty years on. 

For the driver, it is light and effortless once you get used to the size, and for your passengers a relaxed and comfortable journey in elegant surroundings.

But, if you have to hussle on, then the Jaguar heritage comes through, it holds the road like a sports GT with little body roll and no drama for your passengers. 


A Bit of History

The XJ40 was Jaguar’s replacement for the much admired XJ6 range, which dated from 1968. Design started in the mid 1970’s, but under the dead hand of British Leyland, progress was slow. However after Jaguar became independent again in 1984, the XJ40 was finally released in 1986. It was also the last car that Jaguar founder, Sir William Lyons, had involvement in, even though he had retired more than a decade previously. The XJ40 was powered by the new AJ6 engine,  designed by Jaguar, as a replacement for the venerable XK6 engime that dated from 1949.


Our Daimler XJ40 “The Limo”, was sold new in Singapore in March 1991, and being a Daimler, was fitted with all options available at the time. It came to New Zealand in 1998 with only 18,000 kilometres on the clock, and spent the next two decades around Auckland doing only about 4000 kilometers a year, until Classic Rides acquired it in 2018 – which explains its excellent and original condition.


What the motoring press said back then:

Car Magazine –  Gavin Green: “Jaguar has just announced what we and plenty of others say is the world’s finest saloon car.” 

Motor Magazine:  “one of the most remarkable cars we’ve tested for a long time …..handling and refinement has no equal”

Motor Sport:  “Luxury performance in its most relaxed form”