Goodbye to the Big Cat


Unfortunately our Jaguar XJS will no longer be available for hire.

While there has been a bit of interest in the car, it has not proved ideal for hire, particularly as it is essentially a two seater, which does limit the options. That, combined with the fair amount of work required to keep it well fettled, means we have decided to replace it on the rental roster with vehicles we hope are more suited to customer needs.

First up will be a Land Rover Discovery, which has the added ability to offer back country tours. Our “Disco” should be available in a few weeks – more to come on that.

We are also looking to add a genuine vintage car (pre 1931) to the fleet. So we are keeping our eyes open for the right vehicle.




We hired Classic Rides’ lovely Daimler Century for a jaunt and a summer picnic out in the Wairarapa countryside. Owners Jane and Chris couldn’t have been more helpful and provided us with all we needed to enjoy the day.  The car was clean, comfy, characterful and in excellent order as we meandered along the country roads with one of the maps provided. 

We would highly recommend their rides as they have a fleet of cars that may appeal to many for any number of activities.

Thanks Classic Rides!

Viv & Greg

Give an experience, with a gift voucher from Classic Rides

We all know someone who is just so hard to buy a gift for, or how difficult it is to come up with something different for a special person.

A gift voucher from Classic Rides will enable someone to hire any of our classic cars, or any combination; and it is valid for 12 months, so they can choose to redeem it whenever it suits them.

Under Level 3, Classic Rides will continue to remain closed because we don’t feel we can offer that special experience our customers are looking for while ensuring full protection for everybody.

However we hope when the country moves to Level 2 we may be able to start a limited service. Let’s hope that will be sometime late May. Meantime we’ll continue polishing the cars!

The Rolux VB60 or Baby was a French micro car manufactured by the Rolux company between 1945 and 1952. It was powered by a 100cc two stroke air cooled engine mounted behind the driver with a chain drive to the rear axle. However it did have 4 forward gears – but no reverse.

 It weighed only 145kg and the 4.5hp engine could push it along at a maximum 50 km/hr, At only 1.1 metres wide it would have been quite cosy for the two occupants on the single bench seat.

And small enough to take for a coffee!

More interesting facts from the 1935 Automobile Association Guide and Handbook

Although the open road speed limit in 1935 was 40 miles per hour ( 64 km/h), and town speed limit was 25 mph (40 km/h), local authorities were able to set their own limits and traffic regulations

The Auckland City speed limit was the same as that set nationally, 25 mph, however drivers were also required to observe a speed limit of 10 mph through intersections, and walking pace around all corners! If you happened to stray across into Glen Eden borough there was a speed limit of 15 mph in the main shopping street.

Wellington City also had a speed limit of 25 mph, with a limit of 20 mph through tunnels, and 15 mph past schools and hospitals, and intersections without unobstructed views of the traffic on other streets entering that intersection

Confused? Then how about this unusual Wellington parking regulation: no parking was allowed on any street, private street or public place for longer than 30 minutes between the hours of 3am and 6 am. The only exception was for medical practitioners attending a patient

Negotiating Auckland corners at walking pace – the car that is..