From a 1930 Chevrolet brochure showing the car on Oriental Parade, Wellington.


Looking through a 1935 Automobile Association Guide and Handbook provides some interesting details:

The main road north out of Wellington followed around the Paremata Inlet and over the Paekakariki hill road. There was a tearoom at the summit with access to an Emergency Telephone.

The road was probably gravel, in fact in 1935, less than 1% of roads were sealed, and that included urban streets.

In 1935 there were 50,000 miles of road in New Zealand – in 2015 there were 58,000 miles (94,000 km), which doesn’t seem a huge increase in 80 years. However in 2015 64% of roads were sealed.

By contrast, there were 128,000 cars in 1935 (1 car for every 9 people), compared to 3.9 million in 2015 (1 car for every 1.2 people!)

A car journey out of town back then probably would encounter few other vehicles, a good thing considering it was mostly on dusty gravel roads.

The open road speed limit in 1935 was 40 miles per hour ( 64 km/h) which was probably more than adequate given the state of roads. The town speed limit was 25 mph (40 km/h).



The 40 mph speed limit did not stop Chevrolet promoting their 80hp / 80 mph car. This ad was in the 1935 AA Handbook and Guide.

What were “knee action wheels” ?

A form of independent suspension used by General Motors at the time.

The Mochet K Type was one of the earliest post war micro cars, built in France from 1947 to 1949. The Mochet company began making childrens pedal cars and progressed to lightweight pedal powered cycle cars in the 1920s and 30s. A motor was available on some, but the pedal function was retained.

The K Type was the first Mochet vehicle without pedals. It was powered by a 100cc two stroke engine delivering 3.5 hp with top speed around 40k/h.

A brand new Mochet K Type cost 108,000 Francs (£100) or about $8,000 today. For the luxury of weather protection, a hood would cost an extra 6,000 francs (£5) – not sure if that included the fine wooden door seen in this picture,

Here’s a video of one of the few remaining K Types in action

Classic Cars & Beautiful Wairarapa Wedding

Last weekend Classic Rides provided classic transport for a beautiful Wairarapa wedding on a glorious summer afternoon. The wedding cars looked splendid driving down country roads to deliver the bridal party to the stunning rural location.

Our thanks to Nat and Matt for inviting us to contribute to their special day.

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