S E Opperman was an engineering company located at Boreham Wood, Herfordshire, England. They made a large range of engineering products including a popular small 3 wheeled tractor, the Opperman Motocart, produced from 1949 to 1961.

With the boom of micro cars in the 50’s, Opperman saw an opportunity to apply their expertise to this new market. In 1956 the Opperman Unicar appeared at the London Motor Show. With a 320cc 2 stroke engine and no bonnet or boot lid, it was the cheapest car at the show – although it did have four wheels. It was produced until 1959, a total of 200 sold.

No doubt buoyed by this success, in 1958 Opperman produced the Stirling, a larger more attractive vehicle, with a  500cc Steyr motor. This advertisement appeared to show considerable optimism for the new design, a “family speed saloon”

Unfortunately the advent of the Mini in 1959 killed the micro car market, and only two Opperman Stirlings were built.