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The booking can be for any time, as long as it is made in July or August.

However, winter is a great time to experience the Wairarapa countryside, the roads are quieter and so are the cafes.

And don’t dismiss open top cars just because it is winter. On a crisp clear day, put on warm hats and gloves, turn up the heating, drop the hood and enjoy truly invigorating motoring.  If the weather should turn nasty, just put the hood up, keep cosy and pop into the nearest cafe for a hot coffee.


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The ad below, is from “The Autocar” magazine, August 1960, and features an essential accessory for the smoker motorist; the automatic cigarette lighter.

It is not clear what method is used to light the cigarette, and appears quite expensive at 43 shillings and 9 pence, which is about $95 in today’s money.

It would be interesting to know how many were sold. Has anyone ever seen such a thing installed in a car back then?

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We all know someone who is just so hard to buy a gift for, or how difficult it is to come up with something different for a special person.

A gift voucher from Classic Rides will enable someone to hire any of our classic cars, or any combination; and it is valid for 12 months, so they can choose to redeem it whenever it suits them.

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From NZ Modern Motoring, July 1954

“There has been no more talk about safety belts for cars and I suppose they will die a natural death in this country. However, in the United States I see they are gaining popularity. A number of U.S. magazines are advertising them, and a pair for the front seat would work out about 12 pounds in this country.

This seems to be expensive, but it must be remembered that the belt has to be attached securely to the chassis of the car and not just the seat itself which would be likely to come away from its mountings in the event of a smash.”