Classic Car Hire in the Wairarapa

Hire a classic car for your special day
Drive country roads, visit new places, enjoy special events 

We have cars for all occasions

The Wairarapa is classic car country with rural roads unchanged in decades. Drive quiet and empty byways, from the mountains to the sea, and experience motoring as it used to be.

Celebrate your special day with a picnic in the country or by the sea, visit parks, gardens and reserves, enjoy a day at the races or other gala events, eat at cafes, wineries or country pubs

Classic Rides can also provide picnic hampers, rugs, folding chairs and tables, beach umbrellas and even an “old school”  thermette.

From old fashioned luxury to a 2 seater roadster

Drive yourself or hire a driver


Classic Rides Cars – Video


Daimler Century

“The Dame”

Seats 4 plus driver

 Wood & leather elegance

1950s classic motoring

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Daimler XJ40

“The Limo”

Seats 4 plus driver

Limousine luxury 

1980s  Style

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“The Red Beemer”

2 Seater

Wind in the hair fun

1990s classic roadster

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